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MyServiceSVC_impl Class Reference

#include <AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.h>

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Public Member Functions

char * echo (const char *msg) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
char * echo (const char *msg)
SimpleService::EchoList * get_echo_history () throw (CORBA::SystemException)
AutoTest::EchoList * get_echo_history ()
std::string get_echo_message ()
CORBA::Float get_value () throw (CORBA::SystemException)
CORBA::Float get_value ()
SimpleService::ValueList * get_value_history () throw (CORBA::SystemException)
AutoTest::ValueList * get_value_history ()
 MyServiceSVC_impl ()
 MyServiceSVC_impl ()
 standard constructor
void reset_message ()
void set_value (CORBA::Float value) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
void set_value (CORBA::Float value)
virtual ~MyServiceSVC_impl ()
virtual ~MyServiceSVC_impl ()

Private Attributes

SimpleService::EchoList m_echoList
bool m_isNew
std::string m_msg
CORBA::Float m_value
SimpleService::ValueList m_valueList

Detailed Description

Example class implementing IDL interface AutoTest::MyService

Definition at line 18 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

standard constructor

Definition at line 13 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.cpp.


Definition at line 21 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

char* MyServiceSVC_impl::echo ( const char *  msg) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
char * MyServiceSVC_impl::echo ( const char *  msg)

Definition at line 30 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.cpp.

SimpleService::EchoList* MyServiceSVC_impl::get_echo_history ( ) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
SimpleService::EchoList * MyServiceSVC_impl::get_echo_history ( )

Definition at line 40 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.cpp.

std::string MyServiceSVC_impl::get_echo_message ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 50 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.h.

CORBA::Float MyServiceSVC_impl::get_value ( ) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
CORBA::Float MyServiceSVC_impl::get_value ( )

Definition at line 51 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.cpp.

SimpleService::ValueList* MyServiceSVC_impl::get_value_history ( ) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
SimpleService::ValueList * MyServiceSVC_impl::get_value_history ( )

Definition at line 57 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.cpp.

Definition at line 44 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.h.

void MyServiceSVC_impl::set_value ( CORBA::Float  value) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
void MyServiceSVC_impl::set_value ( CORBA::Float  value)

Definition at line 46 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

SimpleService::EchoList MyServiceSVC_impl::m_echoList [private]

Definition at line 44 of file MyServiceSVC_impl.h.

Definition at line 60 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.h.

std::string MyServiceSVC_impl::m_msg [private]

Definition at line 59 of file AutoTestServiceSVC_impl.h.

CORBA::Float MyServiceSVC_impl::m_value [private]

Definition at line 43 of file MyServiceSVC_impl.h.

SimpleService::ValueList MyServiceSVC_impl::m_valueList [private]

Definition at line 45 of file MyServiceSVC_impl.h.

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