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InPortBase::InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock Class Reference
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void init (coil::Properties &prop)
 Initializing configuration.
 InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock (void)
void publishInterfaceProfile (SDOPackage::NVList &properties)
 Publish InterfaceProfile information.
::OpenRTM::PortStatus put (const ::OpenRTM::CdrData &data) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
RTC::InPortConsumer::ReturnCode put (const cdrMemoryStream &data)
void setBuffer (RTC::BufferBase< cdrMemoryStream > *buffer)
 Setting outside buffer's pointer.
void setConnector (RTC::InPortConnector *connector)
 set Connector
void setListener (RTC::ConnectorInfo &info, RTC::ConnectorListeners *listeners)
 Set the listener.
void setLogger (Logger *logger)
bool subscribeInterface (const SDOPackage::NVList &properties)
void unsubscribeInterface (const SDOPackage::NVList &properties)
virtual ~InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock (void)

Private Attributes

::OpenRTM::InPortCdr_var m_objref

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Member Function Documentation

Initializing configuration.

This operation would be called to configure in initialization. In the concrete class, configuration should be performed getting appropriate information from the given Properties data. This function might be called right after instantiation and connection sequence respectivly. Therefore, this function should be implemented assuming multiple call.

propConfiguration information

Implements RTC::InPortProvider.

Definition at line 420 of file InPortBaseTests.cpp.

void InPortBase::InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock::publishInterfaceProfile ( SDOPackage::NVList &  properties) [inline, virtual]

Publish InterfaceProfile information.

Publish interfaceProfile information. Check the dataport.interface_type value of the NameValue object specified by an argument in property information and get information only when the interface type of the specified port is matched.

propertiesProperties to get InterfaceProfile information

Reimplemented from RTC::InPortProvider.

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::OpenRTM::PortStatus InPortBase::InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock::put ( const ::OpenRTM::CdrData &  data) throw (CORBA::SystemException) [inline]

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Definition at line 431 of file InPortBaseTests.cpp.

void InPortBase::InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock::setBuffer ( RTC::BufferBase< cdrMemoryStream > *  buffer) [inline, virtual]

Setting outside buffer's pointer.

A pointer to a buffer from which OutPortProvider retrieve data. If already buffer is set, previous buffer's pointer will be overwritten by the given pointer to a buffer. Since OutPortProvider does not assume ownership of the buffer pointer, destructor of the buffer should be done by user.

bufferA pointer to a data buffer to be used by OutPortProvider

Implements RTC::InPortProvider.

Definition at line 400 of file InPortBaseTests.cpp.

set Connector

OutPort creates OutPortConnector object when it establishes connection between OutPort and InPort, and it calls this function with a pointer to the connector object. Since the OutPort has the ownership of this connector, OutPortProvider should not delete it.


Implements RTC::InPortProvider.

Definition at line 488 of file InPortBaseTests.cpp.

Set the listener.

OutPort provides callback functionality that calls specific listener objects according to the events in the data publishing process. For details, see documentation of ConnectorDataListener class and ConnectorListener class in ConnectorListener.h. In the sub-classes of OutPortProvider, the given listeners should be called in the proper timing. However, it is not necessary to call all the listeners.

infoConnector information
listenersListener objects

Implements RTC::InPortProvider.

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bool InPortBase::InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock::subscribeInterface ( const SDOPackage::NVList &  properties) [inline]

Definition at line 448 of file InPortBaseTests.cpp.

void InPortBase::InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock::unsubscribeInterface ( const SDOPackage::NVList &  properties) [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

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::OpenRTM::InPortCdr_var InPortBase::InPortCorbaCdrProviderMock::m_objref [private]

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