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NVUtil.h File Reference

NameValue and NVList utility functions. More...

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include <coil/Properties.h>
#include <rtm/idl/SDOPackageSkel.h>
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namespace  NVUtil

Utility for NameValue.


void NVUtil::append (SDOPackage::NVList &dest, const SDOPackage::NVList &src)
 Append an element to NVList.
bool NVUtil::appendStringValue (SDOPackage::NVList &nv, const char *name, const char *value)
 Append the specified string to element of NVList.
void NVUtil::copyFromProperties (SDOPackage::NVList &nv, const coil::Properties &prop)
 Copy the properties to NVList.
void NVUtil::copyToProperties (coil::Properties &prop, const SDOPackage::NVList &nv)
 Copy NVList to the Proeprties.
void NVUtil::dump (const SDOPackage::NVList &nv)
 Print information configured in NVList as a string type to Standard Outport.
std::ostream & NVUtil::dump (std::ostream &out, const SDOPackage::NVList &nv)
 Print information configured in NVList as string type.
const CORBA::Any & NVUtil::find (const SDOPackage::NVList &nv, const char *name)
 Return the value specified by name from NVList.
const CORBA::Long NVUtil::find_index (const SDOPackage::NVList &nv, const char *name)
 Return the index of element specified by name from NVList.
bool NVUtil::isString (const SDOPackage::NVList &nv, const char *name)
 Validate whether value type specified by name is string type.
bool NVUtil::isStringValue (const SDOPackage::NVList &nv, const char *name, const char *value)
 Check whether the value of specified name specified matches the specified string.
template<class Value >
SDOPackage::NameValue NVUtil::newNV (const char *name, Value value)
 Create NameValue.
SDOPackage::NameValue NVUtil::newNVAny (const char *name, const CORBA::Any &value)
 Create NameValue typed CORBA::Any.
SDOPackage::NameValue NVUtil::newNVBool (const char *name, const CORBA::Boolean value)
 This operation creates NameValue typed CORBA::Boolean.
SDOPackage::NameValue NVUtil::newNVChar (const char *name, const CORBA::Char value)
 Create NameValue typed CORBA::Char.
SDOPackage::NameValue NVUtil::newNVOctet (const char *name, const CORBA::Octet value)
 Create NameValue typed CORBA::Octet.
coil::Properties NVUtil::toProperties (const SDOPackage::NVList &nv)
 Transform NVList to the properties.
std::string NVUtil::toString (const SDOPackage::NVList &nv, const char *name)
 Get NVList of specifid name as string.
std::string NVUtil::toString (const SDOPackage::NVList &nv)
 Get information configured in NVList as a string type.

Detailed Description

NameValue and NVList utility functions.

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Noriaki Ando <>

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