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openni2_wrapper::OpenNI2DeviceManager Class Reference

#include <openni2_device_manager.h>

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Public Member Functions

boost::shared_ptr< OpenNI2DevicegetAnyDevice ()
boost::shared_ptr< std::vector
< OpenNI2DeviceInfo > > 
getConnectedDeviceInfos () const
boost::shared_ptr< std::vector
< std::string > > 
getConnectedDeviceURIs () const
boost::shared_ptr< OpenNI2DevicegetDevice (const std::string &device_URI)
std::size_t getNumOfConnectedDevices () const
std::string getSerial (const std::string &device_URI) const
 OpenNI2DeviceManager ()
virtual ~OpenNI2DeviceManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static boost::shared_ptr
< OpenNI2DeviceManager
getSingelton ()

Protected Attributes

< OpenNI2DeviceListener

Static Protected Attributes

static boost::shared_ptr
< OpenNI2DeviceManager

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

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boost::shared_ptr< std::vector< std::string > > openni2_wrapper::OpenNI2DeviceManager::getConnectedDeviceURIs ( ) const

Definition at line 208 of file openni2_device_manager.cpp.

boost::shared_ptr< OpenNI2Device > openni2_wrapper::OpenNI2DeviceManager::getDevice ( const std::string &  device_URI)

Definition at line 250 of file openni2_device_manager.cpp.

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std::string openni2_wrapper::OpenNI2DeviceManager::getSerial ( const std::string &  device_URI) const

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Member Data Documentation

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