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zutil.h File Reference
#include "zlib.h"
#include <errno.h>
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#define Assert(cond, msg)
#define DEF_MEM_LEVEL   8
#define DYN_TREES   2
#define ERR_MSG(err)   z_errmsg[Z_NEED_DICT-(err)]
#define ERR_RETURN(strm, err)   return (strm->msg = (char*)ERR_MSG(err), (err))
#define MAX_MATCH   258
#define MIN_MATCH   3
#define PRESET_DICT   0x20 /* preset dictionary flag in zlib header */
#define STATIC_TREES   1
#define STORED_BLOCK   0
#define Trace(x)
#define Tracec(c, x)
#define Tracecv(c, x)
#define Tracev(x)
#define Tracevv(x)
#define TRY_FREE(s, p)   {if (p) ZFREE(s, p);}
#define ZALLOC(strm, items, size)   (*((strm)->zalloc))((strm)->opaque, (items), (size))
#define ZFREE(strm, addr)   (*((strm)->zfree))((strm)->opaque, (voidpf)(addr))


typedef unsigned char uch
typedef uch FAR uchf
typedef unsigned long ulg
typedef unsigned short ush
typedef ush FAR ushf


void zmemcpy OF ((Bytef *dest, const Bytef *source, uInt len))
int zmemcmp OF ((const Bytef *s1, const Bytef *s2, uInt len))
void zmemzero OF ((Bytef *dest, uInt len))
voidpf zcalloc OF ((voidpf opaque, unsigned items, unsigned size))
void zcfree OF ((voidpf opaque, voidpf ptr))


const char *const z_errmsg [10]

Define Documentation

#define Assert (   cond,

Definition at line 252 of file zutil.h.

#define DEF_MEM_LEVEL   8

Definition at line 70 of file zutil.h.

#define DYN_TREES   2

Definition at line 78 of file zutil.h.

#define ERR_MSG (   err)    z_errmsg[Z_NEED_DICT-(err)]

Definition at line 56 of file zutil.h.

#define ERR_RETURN (   strm,
)    return (strm->msg = (char*)ERR_MSG(err), (err))

Definition at line 58 of file zutil.h.

#define MAX_MATCH   258

Definition at line 82 of file zutil.h.

#define MIN_MATCH   3

Definition at line 81 of file zutil.h.

#define PRESET_DICT   0x20 /* preset dictionary flag in zlib header */

Definition at line 85 of file zutil.h.

#define STATIC_TREES   1

Definition at line 77 of file zutil.h.

#define STORED_BLOCK   0

Definition at line 76 of file zutil.h.

#define Trace (   x)

Definition at line 253 of file zutil.h.

#define Tracec (   c,

Definition at line 256 of file zutil.h.

#define Tracecv (   c,

Definition at line 257 of file zutil.h.

#define Tracev (   x)

Definition at line 254 of file zutil.h.

#define Tracevv (   x)

Definition at line 255 of file zutil.h.

#define TRY_FREE (   s,
)    {if (p) ZFREE(s, p);}

Definition at line 267 of file zutil.h.

#define ZALLOC (   strm,
)    (*((strm)->zalloc))((strm)->opaque, (items), (size))

Definition at line 264 of file zutil.h.

#define ZFREE (   strm,
)    (*((strm)->zfree))((strm)->opaque, (voidpf)(addr))

Definition at line 266 of file zutil.h.


Definition at line 16 of file zutil.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char uch

Definition at line 47 of file zutil.h.

typedef uch FAR uchf

Definition at line 48 of file zutil.h.

typedef unsigned long ulg

Definition at line 51 of file zutil.h.

typedef unsigned short ush

Definition at line 49 of file zutil.h.

typedef ush FAR ushf

Definition at line 50 of file zutil.h.

Function Documentation

void zmemcpy OF ( (Bytef *dest, const Bytef *source, uInt len)  )
int zmemcmp OF ( (const Bytef *s1, const Bytef *s2, uInt len)  )
void zmemzero OF ( (Bytef *dest, uInt len)  )
voidpf zcalloc OF ( (voidpf opaque, unsigned items, unsigned size )
void zcfree OF ( (voidpf opaque, voidpf ptr )

Variable Documentation

const char* const z_errmsg[10]

Definition at line 14 of file zutil.c.

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