World.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include "World.h"
#include "Link.h"
#include "Sensor.h"
#include "ForwardDynamicsABM.h"
#include "ForwardDynamicsCBM.h"
#include <string>
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static const bool debugMode = false
static const double DEFAULT_GRAVITY_ACCELERATION = 9.80665

Detailed Description

Shin'ichiro Nakaoka

Definition in file hrplib/hrpModel/World.cpp.

Variable Documentation

const bool debugMode = false [static]

Definition at line 27 of file hrplib/hrpModel/World.cpp.

const double DEFAULT_GRAVITY_ACCELERATION = 9.80665 [static]

Definition at line 25 of file hrplib/hrpModel/World.cpp.

Author(s): AIST, General Robotix Inc., Nakamura Lab of Dept. of Mechano Informatics at University of Tokyo
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