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tlsf_rtt.h File Reference
#include <lua.h>
#include <lauxlib.h>
#include <lualib.h>
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struct  lua_tlsf_info


#define TLSF_INITIAL_POOLSIZE   1*1024*1024


void register_tlsf_api (lua_State *L)
void set_context_tlsf_info (struct lua_tlsf_info *)
void * tlsf_alloc (void *ud, void *ptr, size_t osize, size_t nsize)
void tlsf_rtt_free_mp (struct lua_tlsf_info *tlsf_inf)
int tlsf_rtt_incmem (struct lua_tlsf_info *tlsf_inf, size_t sz)
int tlsf_rtt_init_mp (struct lua_tlsf_info *tlsf_inf, size_t sz)

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#define TLSF_INITIAL_POOLSIZE   1*1024*1024

Definition at line 6 of file tlsf_rtt.h.

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Definition at line 185 of file tlsf_rtt.c.

void set_context_tlsf_info ( struct lua_tlsf_info )

Definition at line 105 of file tlsf_rtt.c.

void* tlsf_alloc ( void *  ud,
void *  ptr,
size_t  osize,
size_t  nsize 

Definition at line 68 of file tlsf_rtt.c.

void tlsf_rtt_free_mp ( struct lua_tlsf_info tlsf_inf)

Definition at line 50 of file tlsf_rtt.c.

int tlsf_rtt_incmem ( struct lua_tlsf_info tlsf_inf,
size_t  sz 

Definition at line 88 of file tlsf_rtt.c.

int tlsf_rtt_init_mp ( struct lua_tlsf_info tlsf_inf,
size_t  sz 

Definition at line 24 of file tlsf_rtt.c.

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