karto::Color Member List
This is the complete list of members for karto::Color, including all inherited members.
Color()karto::Color [inline]
Color(const Color &rOther)karto::Color [inline]
Color(kt_double red, kt_double green, kt_double blue, kt_double alpha=1.0)karto::Color [inline]
Color(kt_int8u red, kt_int8u green, kt_int8u blue, kt_int8u alpha=255)karto::Color [inline]
GetAlpha() const karto::Color [inline]
GetBlue() const karto::Color [inline]
GetGreen() const karto::Color [inline]
GetRed() const karto::Color [inline]
m_Alphakarto::Color [private]
m_Bluekarto::Color [private]
m_Greenkarto::Color [private]
m_Redkarto::Color [private]
operator!=(const Color &rOther) const karto::Color [inline]
operator<<(std::ostream &rStream, const Color &rColor)karto::Color [friend]
operator==(const Color &rOther) const karto::Color [inline]
SetAlpha(kt_double alpha)karto::Color [inline]
SetBlue(kt_double blue)karto::Color [inline]
SetGreen(kt_double green)karto::Color [inline]
SetRed(kt_double red)karto::Color [inline]
ToString() const karto::Color [inline]
~Color()karto::Color [inline, virtual]

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