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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
app_manager.cpp [code]
app_manager.h [code]
application.cpp [code]
application.h [code]
blackboard.h [code]
check_neighbor.cpp [code]
check_neighbor.h [code]
circular_queue.h [code]
comm_interface.h [code]
daemon_node.cpp [code]
data_type.h [code]
listener_helper.h [code]
micros_swarm.h [code]
msg_queue_manager.cpp [code]
msg_queue_manager.h [code]
neighbor_comm.h [code]
neighbors.h [code]
packet_parser.cpp [code]
packet_parser.h [code]
packet_type.h [code]
random.cpp [code]
random.h [code]
runtime_core.cpp [code]
runtime_core.h [code]
runtime_handle.cpp [code]
runtime_handle.h [code]
scds_pso.cpp [code]
scds_pso.h [code]
scds_pso_tuple.cpp [code]
scds_pso_tuple.h [code]
semaphore.h [code]
serialize.h [code]
singleton.h [code]
swarm.cpp [code]
swarm.h [code]
virtual_stigmergy.h [code]

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