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#define LOG4CPP_ALERT(logger, msg)   if (logger.isAlertEnabled()) logger.alert( msg );
#define LOG4CPP_ALERT_S(logger)   if (logger.isAlertEnabled()) logger.alertStream()
#define LOG4CPP_ALERT_SD()   if (logger.isAlertEnabled()) logger.alertStream()
#define LOG4CPP_CRIT(logger, msg)   if (logger.isCritEnabled()) logger.crit( msg );
#define LOG4CPP_CRIT_S(logger)   if (logger.isCritEnabled()) logger.critStream()
#define LOG4CPP_CRIT_SD()   if (logger.isCritEnabled()) logger.critStream()
#define LOG4CPP_DEBUG(logger, msg)   if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.debug( msg );
#define LOG4CPP_DEBUG_S(logger)   if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.debugStream()
#define LOG4CPP_DEBUG_SD()   if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.debugStream()
#define LOG4CPP_EMERG(logger, msg)   if (logger.isEmergEnabled()) logger.emerg( msg );
#define LOG4CPP_EMERG_S(logger)   if (logger.isEmergEnabled()) logger.emergStream()
#define LOG4CPP_EMERG_SD()   if (logger.isEmergEnabled()) logger.emergStream()
#define LOG4CPP_ERROR(logger, msg)   if (logger.isErrorEnabled()) logger.error( msg );
#define LOG4CPP_ERROR_S(logger)   if (logger.isErrorEnabled()) logger.errorStream()
#define LOG4CPP_ERROR_SD()   if (logger.isErrorEnabled()) logger.errorStream()
#define LOG4CPP_FATAL(logger, msg)   if (logger.isFatalEnabled()) logger.fatal( msg );
#define LOG4CPP_FATAL_S(logger)   if (logger.isFatalEnabled()) logger.fatalStream()
#define LOG4CPP_FATAL_SD()   if (logger.isFatalEnabled()) logger.fatalStream()
#define LOG4CPP_INFO(logger, msg)   if (logger.isInfoEnabled()) msg );
#define LOG4CPP_INFO_S(logger)   if (logger.isInfoEnabled()) logger.infoStream()
#define LOG4CPP_INFO_SD()   if (logger.isInfoEnabled()) logger.infoStream()
#define LOG4CPP_LOGGER(name)   static log4cpp::Category& logger = log4cpp::Category::getInstance( name );
#define LOG4CPP_LOGGER_N(var_name, name)   static log4cpp::Category& var_name = log4cpp::Category::getInstance( name );
#define LOG4CPP_NOTICE(logger, msg)   if (logger.isNoticeEnabled()) logger.notice( msg );
#define LOG4CPP_NOTICE_S(logger)   if (logger.isNoticeEnabled()) logger.noticeStream()
#define LOG4CPP_NOTICE_SD()   if (logger.isNoticeEnabled()) logger.noticeStream()
#define LOG4CPP_WARN(logger, msg)   if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) logger.warn( msg );
#define LOG4CPP_WARN_S(logger)   if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) logger.warnStream()
#define LOG4CPP_WARN_SD()   if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) logger.warnStream()

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#define LOG4CPP_ALERT (   logger,
)    if (logger.isAlertEnabled()) logger.alert( msg );

Definition at line 17 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_ALERT_S (   logger)    if (logger.isAlertEnabled()) logger.alertStream()

Definition at line 46 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_ALERT_SD ( )    if (logger.isAlertEnabled()) logger.alertStream()

Definition at line 75 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_CRIT (   logger,
)    if (logger.isCritEnabled()) logger.crit( msg );

Definition at line 20 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_CRIT_S (   logger)    if (logger.isCritEnabled()) logger.critStream()

Definition at line 49 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_CRIT_SD ( )    if (logger.isCritEnabled()) logger.critStream()

Definition at line 78 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_DEBUG (   logger,
)    if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.debug( msg );

Definition at line 35 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_DEBUG_S (   logger)    if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.debugStream()

Definition at line 64 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_DEBUG_SD ( )    if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.debugStream()

Definition at line 93 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_EMERG (   logger,
)    if (logger.isEmergEnabled()) logger.emerg( msg );

Definition at line 11 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_EMERG_S (   logger)    if (logger.isEmergEnabled()) logger.emergStream()

Definition at line 40 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_EMERG_SD ( )    if (logger.isEmergEnabled()) logger.emergStream()

Definition at line 69 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_ERROR (   logger,
)    if (logger.isErrorEnabled()) logger.error( msg );

Definition at line 23 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_ERROR_S (   logger)    if (logger.isErrorEnabled()) logger.errorStream()

Definition at line 52 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_ERROR_SD ( )    if (logger.isErrorEnabled()) logger.errorStream()

Definition at line 81 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_FATAL (   logger,
)    if (logger.isFatalEnabled()) logger.fatal( msg );

Definition at line 14 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_FATAL_S (   logger)    if (logger.isFatalEnabled()) logger.fatalStream()

Definition at line 43 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_FATAL_SD ( )    if (logger.isFatalEnabled()) logger.fatalStream()

Definition at line 72 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_INFO (   logger,
)    if (logger.isInfoEnabled()) msg );

Definition at line 32 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_INFO_S (   logger)    if (logger.isInfoEnabled()) logger.infoStream()

Definition at line 61 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_INFO_SD ( )    if (logger.isInfoEnabled()) logger.infoStream()

Definition at line 90 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_LOGGER (   name)    static log4cpp::Category& logger = log4cpp::Category::getInstance( name );

Definition at line 4 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_LOGGER_N (   var_name,
)    static log4cpp::Category& var_name = log4cpp::Category::getInstance( name );

Definition at line 7 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_NOTICE (   logger,
)    if (logger.isNoticeEnabled()) logger.notice( msg );

Definition at line 29 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_NOTICE_S (   logger)    if (logger.isNoticeEnabled()) logger.noticeStream()

Definition at line 58 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_NOTICE_SD ( )    if (logger.isNoticeEnabled()) logger.noticeStream()

Definition at line 87 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_WARN (   logger,
)    if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) logger.warn( msg );

Definition at line 26 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_WARN_S (   logger)    if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) logger.warnStream()

Definition at line 55 of file convenience.h.

#define LOG4CPP_WARN_SD ( )    if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) logger.warnStream()

Definition at line 84 of file convenience.h.

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