sample_hist_pub Namespace Reference


tuple data = np.random.normal(size=1000)
tuple msg = Float32MultiArray()
tuple msg_bin = HistogramWithRangeBin()
tuple pub = rospy.Publisher("normal_array", Float32MultiArray, queue_size=1)
tuple pub_range
tuple r = rospy.Rate(1)
tuple range_msg = HistogramWithRange()

Variable Documentation

tuple sample_hist_pub::data = np.random.normal(size=1000)

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tuple sample_hist_pub::msg = Float32MultiArray()

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tuple sample_hist_pub::msg_bin = HistogramWithRangeBin()

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tuple sample_hist_pub::pub = rospy.Publisher("normal_array", Float32MultiArray, queue_size=1)

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Initial value:
00001 rospy.Publisher(
00002         "range_array", HistogramWithRange, queue_size=1)

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tuple sample_hist_pub::r = rospy.Rate(1)

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tuple sample_hist_pub::range_msg = HistogramWithRange()

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