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class  python.rtm.RTCmanager
 wrapper class of RTCmanager More...
class  python.rtm.RTcomponent
 wrapper class of RT component More...


namespace  python::rtm


def python::rtm.cdr2data
 convert data from CDR format
def python::rtm.classFromString
 get class object from class name
def python::rtm.connectPorts
 connect ports
def python::rtm.data2cdr
 convert data into CDR format
def python::rtm.dataTypeOfPort
 get data type of a port
def python::rtm.deleteAllConnector
def python::rtm.disconnectPorts
 disconnect ports
def python::rtm.findObject
 get IOR of the object
def python::rtm.findPort
 get a port of RT component
def python::rtm.findRTC
 get RT component
def python::rtm.findRTCmanager
 get RTCmanager
def python::rtm.findService
 get a service of RT component
def python::rtm.getConfiguration
 get default configuration set
def python::rtm.getRootNamingContext
 get root naming context
def python::rtm.initCORBA
 initialize ORB
def python::rtm.isConnected
 check two ports are connected or not
def python::rtm.isJython
 check if jython or python
def python::rtm.narrow
 narrow ior
def python::rtm.readDataPort
 read data from a data port
def python::rtm.serializeComponents
 set up execution context of the first RTC so that RTCs are executed sequentially
def python::rtm.setConfiguration
 update default configuration set
def python::rtm.unbindObject
 unbind an object reference
def python::rtm.writeDataPort
 write data to a data port


list python::rtm.connector_list = []
 python::rtm.mgrhost = None
 python::rtm.mgrport = None
 python::rtm.nshost = None
 python::rtm.nsport = None
 python::rtm.rootnc = None
 root naming context

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