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grid_map_demos::ImageToGridmapDemo Class Reference

#include <ImageToGridmapDemo.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void imageCallback (const sensor_msgs::Image &msg)
 ImageToGridmapDemo (ros::NodeHandle &nodeHandle)
bool readParameters ()
virtual ~ImageToGridmapDemo ()

Private Attributes

ros::Publisher gridMapPublisher_
 Grid map publisher.
ros::Subscriber imageSubscriber_
 Image subscriber.
std::string imageTopic_
 Name of the grid map topic.
grid_map::GridMap map_
 Grid map data.
std::string mapFrameId_
 Frame id of the grid map.
bool mapInitialized_
double mapLengthX_
 Length of the grid map in x direction.
double maxHeight_
double minHeight_
 Range of the height values.
 ROS nodehandle.
double resolution_
 Resolution of the grid map.

Detailed Description

Loads an image and saves it as layer 'elevation' of a grid map. The grid map is published and can be viewed in Rviz.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


nodeHandlethe ROS node handle.

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Member Function Documentation

void grid_map_demos::ImageToGridmapDemo::imageCallback ( const sensor_msgs::Image &  msg)

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Reads and verifies the ROS parameters.

true if successful.

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Member Data Documentation

Grid map publisher.

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Image subscriber.

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Name of the grid map topic.

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Grid map data.

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Frame id of the grid map.

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Length of the grid map in x direction.

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Range of the height values.

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ROS nodehandle.

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Resolution of the grid map.

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