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grasp_synergy.synergy_node.GraspSynergyNode Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def command_synergy
def fit_bag_file
def fit_joint_state_messages
def fit_joint_values

Private Member Functions

def _callback_component
def _callback_main
def _init_subscribers

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Detailed Description

The grasp synergy node subscribes to low-dimensional synergies
and publishes desired joint state.

It is hand agnostic.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def grasp_synergy.synergy_node.GraspSynergyNode.__init__ (   self,
  synergy_input_topic = 'grasp_synergy',
  num_synergies = 2 

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Member Function Documentation

def grasp_synergy.synergy_node.GraspSynergyNode._callback_component (   self,
) [private]
Component callback (component number & value).

Creates an alpha vector with all zeros except for the given component,
then commands the synergy.

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def grasp_synergy.synergy_node.GraspSynergyNode._callback_main (   self,
) [private]
Main callback for a fully-specified coefficient vector.
Commands the synergy.

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def grasp_synergy.synergy_node.GraspSynergyNode._init_subscribers (   self,
  num_synergies = 0,
  queue_size = 1 
) [private]
Create num_synergies+1 subscribers. The main (top-level) subscriber
listens for an array of floats.

Each component subscriber only listens to the float corresponding to
its component's singular value. Each component subscriber is nested
under the top-level one: synergy_input_topic/

:param synergy_input_topic The top-level topic.

:param num_synergies Number of component subscribers to generate.

:param queue_size Subscriber queue size. Setting the queue size
small allows dropping older messages when a new one is received,
to prevent a large queue of messages to process. This is useful
because the synergy callback can take some time to compute the

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Member Data Documentation

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