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grasp_synergy.grasp_synergy.GraspSynergy Class Reference

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def __init__
def compute_grasp
def fit_bag_file
def fit_joint_state_messages
def fit_joint_values
def synergy_range
def trained

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A grasp synergy (aka eigengrasp) is a lower-dimensional representation of
the hand configuration useful to simplify all manners of grasping things.

Essentially this is just a utilitarian wrapper around PCA.

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Reconstruct a grasp given a combination of (low-dimensional) synergy
coefficients to get a (full-dimensional) grasp configuration.

The coefficients are a weighting vector of the various (ordered)
principal grasp components.

:return mean + sum_i alpha_i * coeff_i. If the synergy is not already
computed this returns None.

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def grasp_synergy.grasp_synergy.GraspSynergy.fit_bag_file (   self,
Extract *all* joint state messages from the given bag file, then
compute the hand synergies.

:param bag_filepath: Fully-qualified filepath of the bagfile.

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def grasp_synergy.grasp_synergy.GraspSynergy.fit_joint_state_messages (   self,
Extract joint state values from a list of ROS messages, then
compute the grasp synergies.

:param joint_state_messages A list of ROS sensor_msgs/JointState.

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Fit the principal components of the given joint values to compute the
grasp synergies (aka eigengrasps).

We compute and store *all* D principal components here. The
dimensionality of the lower-dimensional subspace is determined at grasp
computation time.

:param joint_values A numpy array (N by D) with N datapoints of D

:return True if the synergies were properly fit.

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def grasp_synergy.grasp_synergy.GraspSynergy.synergy_range (   self,
Compute the range of values for the i'th component of the synergy,
using the transformed original values used to train the PCA.

If there are no synergies or the component number is invalid, returns
(0, 0).

:return (min, max) for transformed values

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:return True if the synergy space has been computed.

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