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gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica Class Reference

#include <gazebo_ros_prosilica.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GazeboRosProsilica ()
void Load (sensors::SensorPtr _parent, sdf::ElementPtr _sdf)
 Load the controller.
virtual ~GazeboRosProsilica ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnNewImageFrame (const unsigned char *_image, unsigned int _width, unsigned int _height, unsigned int _depth, const std::string &_format)
 Update the controller.

Private Member Functions

void Advertise ()
void pollCallback (polled_camera::GetPolledImage::Request &req, polled_camera::GetPolledImage::Response &rsp, sensor_msgs::Image &image, sensor_msgs::CameraInfo &info)

Static Private Member Functions

static void mouse_cb (int event, int x, int y, int flags, void *param)
 does nothing for now

Private Attributes

event::ConnectionPtr load_connection_
std::string mode_
std::string mode_param_name
polled_camera::PublicationServer poll_srv_
std::string pollServiceName
 ROS image topic name.
sensor_msgs::CameraInfo * roiCameraInfoMsg
sensor_msgs::Image * roiImageMsg
 ros message

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


parentThe parent entity, must be a Model or a Sensor

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Member Function Documentation

@todo: hardcoded per prosilica_camera wiki api, make this an urdf parameter

Definition at line 93 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.cpp.

void gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica::Load ( sensors::SensorPtr  _parent,
sdf::ElementPtr  _sdf 

Load the controller.

nodeXML config node

Definition at line 78 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.cpp.

static void gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica::mouse_cb ( int  event,
int  x,
int  y,
int  flags,
void *  param 
) [inline, static, private]

does nothing for now

Definition at line 58 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.h.

void gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica::OnNewImageFrame ( const unsigned char *  _image,
unsigned int  _width,
unsigned int  _height,
unsigned int  _depth,
const std::string _format 
) [protected, virtual]

Update the controller.

: consider adding thumbnailing feature here if subscribed.

Definition at line 125 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.cpp.

void gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica::pollCallback ( polled_camera::GetPolledImage::Request &  req,
polled_camera::GetPolledImage::Response &  rsp,
sensor_msgs::Image &  image,
sensor_msgs::CameraInfo &  info 
) [private]
Support binning (maybe just cv::resize)
Don't adjust K, P for ROI, set CameraInfo.roi fields instead
D parameter order is k1, k2, t1, t2, k3
: don't bother if there are no subscribers
: publish to ros, thumbnails and rect image in the Update call?

Definition at line 171 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 87 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.h.

Definition at line 63 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.h.

Definition at line 65 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.h.


Definition at line 58 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.h.

ROS image topic name.

Definition at line 84 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.h.

sensor_msgs::CameraInfo* gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica::roiCameraInfoMsg [private]

Definition at line 81 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.h.

sensor_msgs::Image* gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica::roiImageMsg [private]

ros message

construct raw stereo message

Definition at line 80 of file gazebo_ros_prosilica.h.

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