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eigen_kdl.h File Reference
#include <Eigen/Core>
#include <Eigen/Geometry>
#include <kdl/frames.hpp>
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namespace  tf


void tf::quaternionEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Quaterniond &e, KDL::Rotation &k)
 Converts an Eigen quaternion into a KDL rotation.
void tf::quaternionKDLToEigen (const KDL::Rotation &k, Eigen::Quaterniond &e)
 Converts a KDL rotation into an Eigen quaternion.
void tf::transformEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Affine3d &e, KDL::Frame &k)
 Converts an Eigen Affine3d into a KDL frame.
void tf::transformEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Isometry3d &e, KDL::Frame &k)
 Converts an Eigen Isometry3d into a KDL frame.
void tf::transformKDLToEigen (const KDL::Frame &k, Eigen::Affine3d &e)
 Converts a KDL frame into an Eigen Affine3d.
void tf::transformKDLToEigen (const KDL::Frame &k, Eigen::Isometry3d &e)
 Converts a KDL frame into an Eigen Isometry3d.
void tf::twistEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e, KDL::Twist &k)
 Converts an Eigen matrix into a KDL Twist.
void tf::twistKDLToEigen (const KDL::Twist &k, Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e)
 Converts a KDL twist into an Eigen matrix.
void tf::vectorEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Matrix< double, 3, 1 > &e, KDL::Vector &k)
 Converts an Eigen matrix into a KDL vector.
void tf::vectorKDLToEigen (const KDL::Vector &k, Eigen::Matrix< double, 3, 1 > &e)
 Converts a KDL vector into an Eigen matrix.
void tf::wrenchEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e, KDL::Wrench &k)
 Converts an Eigen matrix into a KDL wrench.
void tf::wrenchKDLToEigen (const KDL::Wrench &k, Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e)
 Converts a KDL wrench into an Eigen matrix.

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