File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
macros.hpp [code]Macros for ecl threads
examples/mutex.cpp [code]Demos the mutex functions
test/mutex.cpp [code]Unit Test for the Mutex class
mutex.hpp [code]Mutex interface
mutex_pos.cpp [code]Posix mutex implementation
mutex_pos.hpp [code]Posix interface for a mutex
mutex_w32.cpp [code]Win32 mutex implementation
mutex_w32.hpp [code]File comment
priorities.cpp [code]Unit Test for priority configuration
priority.hpp [code]Priority scheduling for threads
priority_common.hpp [code]Common types for priority scheduling
priority_pos.cpp [code]Posix priority configuration implementation
priority_pos.hpp [code]Posix priority scheduling
priority_win.cpp [code]Posix priority configuration implementation
priority_win.hpp [code]Priority scheduling for Windows
thread.cpp [code]Demos the thread functions
thread.hpp [code]Thread interfaces
thread_exceptions_pos.hpp [code]Exception handlers for pthreads
thread_pos.cpp [code]Posix thread implementation
thread_pos.hpp [code]Posix interface for the thread class
thread_win.cpp [code]Win32 thread implementation
thread_win.hpp [code]Win32 interface for the thread class
threadable.cpp [code]Unit Test for the Threadable class
threadable.hpp [code]Posix version of the threadable interfaces
threads.cpp [code]Unit Test for the Thread class
threads.hpp [code]Cross-platform threading interfaces

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