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testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual void OnTestIterationEnd (const UnitTest &unit_test, int iteration)
 XmlUnitTestResultPrinter (const char *output_file)

Private Member Functions


Static Private Member Functions

static std::string EscapeXml (const std::string &str, bool is_attribute)
static std::string EscapeXmlAttribute (const std::string &str)
static std::string EscapeXmlText (const char *str)
static bool IsNormalizableWhitespace (char c)
static bool IsValidXmlCharacter (char c)
static void OutputXmlAttribute (std::ostream *stream, const std::string &element_name, const std::string &name, const std::string &value)
static void OutputXmlCDataSection (::std::ostream *stream, const char *data)
static void OutputXmlTestInfo (::std::ostream *stream, const char *test_case_name, const TestInfo &test_info)
static void PrintXmlTestCase (::std::ostream *stream, const TestCase &test_case)
static void PrintXmlUnitTest (::std::ostream *stream, const UnitTest &unit_test)
static std::string RemoveInvalidXmlCharacters (const std::string &str)
static std::string TestPropertiesAsXmlAttributes (const TestResult &result)

Private Attributes

const std::string output_file_

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std::string testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::EscapeXml ( const std::string &  str,
bool  is_attribute 
) [static, private]

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static std::string testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::EscapeXmlAttribute ( const std::string &  str) [inline, static, private]

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static std::string testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::EscapeXmlText ( const char *  str) [inline, static, private]

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static bool testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::IsNormalizableWhitespace ( char  c) [inline, static, private]

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static bool testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::IsValidXmlCharacter ( char  c) [inline, static, private]

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void testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::OnTestIterationEnd ( const UnitTest unit_test,
int  iteration 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from testing::EmptyTestEventListener.

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void testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::OutputXmlAttribute ( std::ostream *  stream,
const std::string &  element_name,
const std::string &  name,
const std::string &  value 
) [static, private]

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void testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::OutputXmlCDataSection ( ::std::ostream *  stream,
const char *  data 
) [static, private]

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void testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::OutputXmlTestInfo ( ::std::ostream *  stream,
const char *  test_case_name,
const TestInfo test_info 
) [static, private]

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void testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::PrintXmlTestCase ( ::std::ostream *  stream,
const TestCase test_case 
) [static, private]

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void testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::PrintXmlUnitTest ( ::std::ostream *  stream,
const UnitTest unit_test 
) [static, private]

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std::string testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter::RemoveInvalidXmlCharacters ( const std::string &  str) [static, private]

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