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make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def logerr
def loginfo
def logwarn
def ros_capture_callback
def setup_variables

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string WORLD_CANVAS_SERVER = 'concert_software_common/world_canvas_server'
 Launch point.

Private Member Functions

def _create_resource
def _get_remapped_topic

Static Private Attributes

string _default_cmd_vel_topic = '/teleop/cmd_vel'
string _default_compressed_image_topic = '/teleop/compressed_image'
string _default_map_topic = 'map'
string _default_robot_pose_topic = 'robot_pose'
string _default_scan_topic = '/make_a_map/scan'
string _default_wc_namespace = 'world_canvas'

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Member Function Documentation

def make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp._create_resource (   self,
) [private]

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def make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp._get_remapped_topic (   self,
) [private]
  Sets up remapping rules for Rapp configuration

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def make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp.logerr (   self,

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def make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp.loginfo (   self,

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def make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp.logwarn (   self,

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def make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp.ros_capture_callback (   self,
 Processes the service pair server 'capture_teleop'. This will run
 in a thread of its own for each request. It has a significantly long lock
 though - this needs to get fixed.

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    Need to setup the following variables
    service_priority, service_id, resource_type, available_resource_publisher_name, capture_topic_name

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Member Data Documentation

string make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp::_default_cmd_vel_topic = '/teleop/cmd_vel' [static, private]

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string make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp::_default_compressed_image_topic = '/teleop/compressed_image' [static, private]

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string make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp::_default_map_topic = 'map' [static, private]

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string make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp::_default_robot_pose_topic = 'robot_pose' [static, private]

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string make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp::_default_scan_topic = '/make_a_map/scan' [static, private]

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string make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp::_default_wc_namespace = 'world_canvas' [static, private]

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string make_a_map_pimp.MakeAMapPimp::WORLD_CANVAS_SERVER = 'concert_software_common/world_canvas_server' [static]

Launch point.

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