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dht11.DHT11 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __iter__
def close
def either_edge_callback
def next
def read
def register_callbacks
def setup

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Private Member Functions

def _edge_EITHER
def _edge_FALL
def _edge_RISE

Detailed Description

The DHT11 class is a stripped version of the DHT22 sensor code by joan2937.
You can find the initial implementation here:

example code:
>>> pi = pigpio.pi()
>>> sensor = DHT11(pi, 4) # 4 is the data GPIO pin connected to your sensor
>>> for response in sensor:
....    print("Temperature: {}".format(response['temperature']))
....    print("Humidity: {}".format(response['humidity']))

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def dht11.DHT11.__init__ (   self,
pi (pigpio): an instance of pigpio
gpio (int): gpio pin number

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Member Function Documentation

def dht11.DHT11.__iter__ (   self)
Support the iterator protocol.

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def dht11.DHT11._edge_EITHER (   self,
) [private]
Handle Either signal.

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def dht11.DHT11._edge_FALL (   self,
) [private]
Handle Fall signal.

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def dht11.DHT11._edge_RISE (   self,
) [private]
Handle Rise signal.

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def dht11.DHT11.close (   self)
Stop reading sensor, remove callbacks.

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def dht11.DHT11.either_edge_callback (   self,
Either Edge callbacks, called each time the gpio edge changes.
Accumulate the 40 data bits from the dht11 sensor.

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def (   self)
Call the read method and return temperature and humidity informations.

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def (   self)
Start reading over DHT11 sensor.

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Monitors RISING_EDGE changes using callback.

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def dht11.DHT11.setup (   self)
Clears the internal gpio pull-up/down resistor.
Kills any watchdogs.

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Member Data Documentation

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