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navfn.h File Reference
#include <math.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
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class  navfn::NavFn
 Navigation function class. Holds buffers for costmap, navfn map. Maps are pixel-based. Origin is upper left, x is right, y is down. More...


namespace  navfn


#define COST_FACTOR   0.8
#define COST_NEUTRAL   50
#define COST_OBS   254
#define COST_OBS_ROS   2000
#define COST_UNKNOWN_ROS   255
#define COSTTYPE   unsigned char
#define POT_HIGH   1.0e10
#define PRIORITYBUFSIZE   10000


int navfn::create_nav_plan_astar (const COSTTYPE *costmap, int nx, int ny, int *goal, int *start, float *plan, int nplan)

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#define COST_FACTOR   0.8

Definition at line 65 of file navfn.h.

#define COST_NEUTRAL   50

Definition at line 64 of file navfn.h.

#define COST_OBS   254

Definition at line 51 of file navfn.h.

#define COST_OBS_ROS   2000

Definition at line 52 of file navfn.h.

#define COST_UNKNOWN_ROS   255

Definition at line 50 of file navfn.h.

#define COSTTYPE   unsigned char

Definition at line 71 of file navfn.h.

#define POT_HIGH   1.0e10

Definition at line 75 of file navfn.h.

#define PRIORITYBUFSIZE   10000

Definition at line 78 of file navfn.h.

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