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class  Point

Static Public Member Functions

static float area (final Point[] contour)
static boolean isInsideTriangle (final float Ax, final float Ay, final float Bx, final float By, final float Cx, final float Cy, final float Px, final float Py)
static boolean process (final Point[] contour, List< Point > result)

Static Private Member Functions

static boolean snip (Point[] contour, int u, int v, int w, int n, int[] V)

Static Private Attributes

static final float EPSILON = 1e-9f

Detailed Description

Triangulates a contour for rendering as a triangle fan.

Author: (Damon Kohler)
See also:
Efficient Polygon Triangulation

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Member Function Documentation

static float ( final Point[]  contour) [inline, static]

Compute area of a contour/polygon.

contourthe contour to measure the area of
the area defined by the contour

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static boolean ( final float  Ax,
final float  Ay,
final float  Bx,
final float  By,
final float  Cx,
final float  Cy,
final float  Px,
final float  Py 
) [inline, static]

Decide if point (Px, Py) is inside triangle defined by ((Ax,Ay), (Bx,By), (Cx,Cy)).

true if the test point lies inside the triangle

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static boolean ( final Point[]  contour,
List< Point result 
) [inline, static]

Triangulate a contour/polygon.

contourthe vertices of the polygon
resultthe result series of triangles
true on success

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static boolean ( Point[]  contour,
int  u,
int  v,
int  w,
int  n,
int[]  V 
) [inline, static, private]

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Member Data Documentation

final float = 1e-9f [static, private]

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