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Public Member Functions

GraphName getDefaultNodeName ()
void onStart (ConnectedNode connectedNode)

Private Member Functions

BufferedImage newGrayscaleBufferedImage (nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid message)
nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid scaleAndCompressOccupancyGrid (nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid message)
BufferedImage scaleBufferedImage (BufferedImage bufferedImage)

Private Attributes

Publisher< nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid > publisher
< nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid > 

Static Private Attributes

static final String IMAGE_FORMAT = "png"
static final int MAXIMUM_HEIGHT = 1024
static final int MAXIMUM_WIDTH = 1024
static final GraphName TOPIC_IN = GraphName.of("map")
static final GraphName TOPIC_OUT = TOPIC_IN.join(IMAGE_FORMAT)

Detailed Description

Scales, compresses, and relays nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid messages.

Author: (Damon Kohler)

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Member Function Documentation

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BufferedImage ( nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid  message) [inline, private]

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void ( ConnectedNode  connectedNode) [inline]

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nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid ( nav_msgs.OccupancyGrid  message) [inline, private]

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BufferedImage ( BufferedImage  bufferedImage) [inline, private]

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Member Data Documentation

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final GraphName = GraphName.of("map") [static, private]

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