airbus_docgen::env Namespace Reference


tuple OUTPUT = rospy.get_param('/airbus_docgen/output_path','/tmp/docu')
tuple ROSDOC_DOT = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "dot")
tuple ROSDOC_GEN = os.path.join(OUTPUT, "gen")
tuple ROSDOC_IMAGES = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "images")
tuple ROSDOC_POLICES = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "polices")
tuple ROSDOC_ROOT = get_pkg_dir("airbus_docgen")
tuple ROSDOC_RSC = os.path.join(OUTPUT)
tuple ROSDOC_STYLES = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "styles")
tuple ROSDOC_TEMPLATES = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "templates")

Variable Documentation

tuple airbus_docgen::env::OUTPUT = rospy.get_param('/airbus_docgen/output_path','/tmp/docu')

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tuple airbus_docgen::env::ROSDOC_DOT = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "dot")

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tuple airbus_docgen::env::ROSDOC_GEN = os.path.join(OUTPUT, "gen")

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tuple airbus_docgen::env::ROSDOC_IMAGES = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "images")

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tuple airbus_docgen::env::ROSDOC_POLICES = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "polices")

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tuple airbus_docgen::env::ROSDOC_ROOT = get_pkg_dir("airbus_docgen")

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tuple airbus_docgen::env::ROSDOC_RSC = os.path.join(OUTPUT)

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tuple airbus_docgen::env::ROSDOC_STYLES = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "styles")

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tuple airbus_docgen::env::ROSDOC_TEMPLATES = os.path.join(ROSDOC_RSC, "templates")

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