test_route_repair Namespace Reference


tuple date = time.strftime("%y-%m-%d", time.localtime())
string dest = "distance"
list distance = args.distance[0]
tuple fh_launch_file = open(launch_path,"w")
string help = "Number of robots to simulate"
string launch_file = "test_route_repair.launch"
tuple launch_path = os.path.join(package_path, "launch", launch_file)
tuple log_path = os.path.join(rospack.get_path("multi_robot_analyzer"), "logs", date, ttime)
int nargs = 1
list num_robots = args.number_of_robots[0]
tuple package_path = rospack.get_path("adhoc_communication")
tuple parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Create and run multi-robot simulation.")
list robot_macs = []
tuple rospack = rospkg.RosPack()
tuple ttime = time.strftime("%H-%M-%S", time.localtime())

Variable Documentation

tuple test_route_repair::date = time.strftime("%y-%m-%d", time.localtime())

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string test_route_repair::dest = "distance"

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list test_route_repair::distance = args.distance[0]

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string test_route_repair::help = "Number of robots to simulate"

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string test_route_repair::launch_file = "test_route_repair.launch"

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tuple test_route_repair::launch_path = os.path.join(package_path, "launch", launch_file)

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tuple test_route_repair::log_path = os.path.join(rospack.get_path("multi_robot_analyzer"), "logs", date, ttime)

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list test_route_repair::num_robots = args.number_of_robots[0]

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tuple test_route_repair::package_path = rospack.get_path("adhoc_communication")

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tuple test_route_repair::parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Create and run multi-robot simulation.")

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tuple test_route_repair::rospack = rospkg.RosPack()

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tuple test_route_repair::ttime = time.strftime("%H-%M-%S", time.localtime())

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