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testing::exceptions_internal Namespace Reference


class  ConstructorTracker
class  DefaultFactory
class  ExceptionSafetyTest
class  ExceptionSafetyTestBuilder
struct  FactoryPtrTypeHelper
struct  IsUniquePtr
struct  IsUniquePtr< std::unique_ptr< T, D > >
struct  NoThrowTag
struct  StrongGuaranteeTagType
class  TestBadAllocException
class  TestException
struct  TrackedAddress
class  TrackedObject
struct  UninitializedT


testing::AssertionResult FailureMessage (const TestException &e, int countdown) noexcept
std::string GetSpecString (TypeSpec spec)
std::string GetSpecString (AllocSpec spec)
void MaybeThrow (absl::string_view msg, bool throw_bad_alloc)
void SetCountdown (int i=0)
void UnsetCountdown ()


int countdown = -1

Function Documentation

testing::AssertionResult testing::exceptions_internal::FailureMessage ( const TestException &  e,
int  countdown 

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std::string testing::exceptions_internal::GetSpecString ( TypeSpec  spec)

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std::string testing::exceptions_internal::GetSpecString ( AllocSpec  spec)

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void testing::exceptions_internal::MaybeThrow ( absl::string_view  msg,
bool  throw_bad_alloc 

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void testing::exceptions_internal::SetCountdown ( int  i = 0) [inline]

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