The VcsClient class provides a generic API for

class vcstools.VcsClient(vcs_type, path)

API for interacting with source-controlled paths independent of actual version-control implementation.

  • vcs_type – type of VCS to use (e.g. ‘svn’, ‘hg’, ‘bzr’, ‘git’), str
  • path – filesystem path where code is/will be checked out , str
path_exists() → bool
Returns:True if path exists on disk.
get_path() → str
Returns:filesystem path this client is initialized with.
url_matches(self, url, url_or_shortcut) → bool

client can decide whether the url and the other url are equivalent. Checks string equality by default

Parameters:url_or_shortcut – url or shortcut (e.g. bzr launchpad url)
Returns:bool if params are equivalent
get_version([spec=None]) → str

token for identifying repository revision desired. Token might be a tagname, branchname, version-id, or SHA-ID depending on the VCS implementation.

  • svn: anything accepted by svn info --help, e.g. a revnumber, {date}, HEAD, BASE, PREV, or COMMITTED
  • git: anything accepted by git log, e.g. a tagname, branchname, or sha-id.
  • hg: anything accepted by hg log -r, e.g. a tagname, sha-ID, revision-number
  • bzr: revisionspec as returned by bzr help revisionspec, e.g. a tagname or revno:<number>
Returns:current revision number of the repository. Or if spec is provided, the globally unique identifier (e.g. revision number, or SHA-ID) of a revision specified by some token.
get_remote_version(self, fatch=False) → str

Find an identifier for the current revision on remote. Token spec might be a tagname, version-id, SHA-ID, … depending on the VCS implementation.

Parameters:fetch – if False, only local information may be used
Returns:current revision number of the remote repository.
get_current_version_label() → str

Find an description for the current local version. Token spec might be a branchname, version-id, SHA-ID, … depending on the VCS implementation.

returns:short description of local version (e.g. branchname, tagename).
checkout(url[, version=''][, verbose=False][, shallow=False])

Checkout the given URL to the path associated with this client.

  • url – URL of source control to check out
  • version – specific version to check out
  • verbose – flag to run verbosely
  • shallow – flag to create shallow clone without history

Update the local checkout from upstream source control.

detect_presence() → bool
Returns:True if path has a checkout with matching VCS type, e.g. if the type of this client is ‘svn’, the checkout at the path is managed by Subversion.
get_vcs_type_name() → str
Returns:type of VCS this client is initialized with.
get_url() → str
Returns:Upstream URL that this code was checked out from.

(Git Only)

Returns:parent branch.
Parameters:basepath – compute diff relative to this path, if provided
Returns:A string showing local differences
get_status([basepath=None[, untracked=False]])

Calls scm status command. semantics of untracked are difficult to generalize. In SVN, this would be new files only. In git, hg, bzr, this would be changes that have not been added for commit.

  • basepath – status path will be relative to this, if provided.
  • untracked – If True, also show changes that would not commit

A string summarizing locally modified files