vcstools documentation

The vcstools module provides a Python API for interacting with different version control systems (VCS/SCMs). The VcsClient class provides an API for seamless interacting with Git, Mercurial (Hg), Bzr and SVN. The focus of the API is manipulating on-disk checkouts of source-controlled trees. Its main use is to support the rosinstall tool.


import vcstools

# interrogate an existing tree
client = vcstools.VcsClient('svn', '/path/to/checkout')

print client.get_url()
print client.get_version()
print client.get_diff()

# create a new tree
client = vcstools.VcsClient('hg', '/path/to/new/checkout')


vcstools is available on pypi and can be installed via pip

pip install vcstools

or easy_install:

easy_install vcstools

Using vcstools

The vcstools module is meant to be used as a normal Python module. After it has been installed, you can import it normally and do not need to declare as a ROS package dependency.

Advanced: vcstools developers/contributors

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