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XmlRpcServer.cpp File Reference
#include "XmlRpcServer.h"
#include "XmlRpcServerConnection.h"
#include "XmlRpcServerMethod.h"
#include "XmlRpcSocket.h"
#include "XmlRpcUtil.h"
#include "XmlRpcException.h"
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class  ListMethods
class  MethodHelp


static const std::string LIST_METHODS ("system.listMethods")
static const std::string METHOD_HELP ("system.methodHelp")
static const std::string MULTICALL ("system.multicall")

Function Documentation

static const std::string LIST_METHODS ( "system.listMethods"  ) [static]
static const std::string METHOD_HELP ( "system.methodHelp"  ) [static]
static const std::string MULTICALL ( "system.multicall"  ) [static]

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