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avilib.h File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
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struct  audio_index_entry
struct  avi_t
struct  AVIStreamHeader
struct  chunk_struct
struct  common_struct
struct  riff_struct
struct  track_s
struct  video_index_entry
struct  wave_header
struct  WAVEFORMATEX_avilib


#define AVI_ERR_NO_AVI   9 /* Not an AVI file */
#define AVI_ERR_NO_IDX
#define AVI_ERR_NO_MEM   8 /* malloc failed */
#define AVI_ERR_NO_VIDS   12 /* AVI file contains no video data */
#define AVI_ERR_OPEN
#define AVI_ERR_READ   3 /* Error reading from AVI File */
#define AVI_MAX_TRACKS   8
#define AVI_MODE_READ   1
#define AVI_MODE_WRITE   0
#define AVILIB_H
#define IBM_FORMAT_ADPCM   (0x0103)
#define IBM_FORMAT_ALAW   (0x0102)
#define IBM_FORMAT_MULAW   (0x0101)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_ADPCM   (0x0002)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_ALAW   (0x0006)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_DIGIFIX   (0x0016)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_DIGISTD   (0x0015)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_DVI_ADPCM   (0x0011)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_GSM610   (0x0031)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_IBM_CVSD   (0x0005)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_MULAW   (0x0007)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_OKI_ADPCM   (0x0010)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_PCM   (0x0001)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_UNKNOWN   (0x0000)
#define WAVE_FORMAT_YAMAHA_ADPCM   (0x0020)


typedef struct track_s track_t


int AVI_append_audio (avi_t *AVI, char *data, long bytes)
int AVI_audio_bits (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_audio_bytes (avi_t *AVI)
int AVI_audio_channels (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_audio_chunks (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_audio_codecf_offset (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_audio_codech_offset (avi_t *AVI)
int AVI_audio_format (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_audio_mp3rate (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_audio_rate (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_audio_size (avi_t *AVI, long frame)
int AVI_audio_tracks (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_bytes_remain (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_bytes_written (avi_t *AVI)
int AVI_close (avi_t *AVI)
char * AVI_codec2str (short cc)
int AVI_dump (char *name, int mode)
int AVI_dup_frame (avi_t *AVI)
int AVI_file_check (char *import_file)
double AVI_frame_rate (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_frame_size (avi_t *AVI, long frame)
int AVI_get_audio_track (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_get_video_position (avi_t *AVI, long frame)
void AVI_info (avi_t *avifile)
uint64_t AVI_max_size (void)
long AVI_max_video_chunk (avi_t *AVI)
avi_tAVI_open_fd (int fd, int getIndex)
avi_tAVI_open_input_file (const char *filename, int getIndex)
avi_tAVI_open_output_file (char *filename)
int avi_parse_input_file (avi_t *AVI, int getIndex)
void AVI_print_error (char *str)
long AVI_read_audio (avi_t *AVI, char *audbuf, long bytes)
long AVI_read_audio_chunk (avi_t *AVI, char *audbuf)
int AVI_read_data (avi_t *AVI, char *vidbuf, long max_vidbuf, char *audbuf, long max_audbuf, long *len)
long AVI_read_frame (avi_t *AVI, char *vidbuf, int *keyframe)
int AVI_scan (char *name)
int AVI_seek_start (avi_t *AVI)
void AVI_set_audio (avi_t *AVI, int channels, long rate, int bits, int format, long mp3rate)
int AVI_set_audio_bitrate (avi_t *AVI, long bitrate)
int AVI_set_audio_position (avi_t *AVI, long byte)
int AVI_set_audio_track (avi_t *AVI, int track)
void AVI_set_video (avi_t *AVI, int width, int height, double fps, char *compressor)
int AVI_set_video_position (avi_t *AVI, long frame)
char * AVI_strerror (void)
char * AVI_syserror (void)
int avi_update_header (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_video_codecf_offset (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_video_codech_offset (avi_t *AVI)
char * AVI_video_compressor (avi_t *AVI)
long AVI_video_frames (avi_t *AVI)
int AVI_video_height (avi_t *AVI)
int AVI_video_width (avi_t *AVI)
int AVI_write_audio (avi_t *AVI, char *data, long bytes)
int AVI_write_frame (avi_t *AVI, char *data, long bytes, int keyframe)

Define Documentation

6     /* Could not write header to AVI file
                                      or not truncate the file during close,
                                      file is most probably corrupted */

Definition at line 208 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_ERR_NO_AVI   9 /* Not an AVI file */

Definition at line 214 of file avilib.h.

10     /* AVI file has no has no header list,
                                      corrupted ??? */

Definition at line 216 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_ERR_NO_IDX
13     /* The file has been opened with
                                      getIndex==0, but an operation has been
                                      performed that needs an index */

Definition at line 222 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_ERR_NO_MEM   8 /* malloc failed */

Definition at line 212 of file avilib.h.

11     /* AVI file has no has no MOVI list,
                                      corrupted ??? */

Definition at line 218 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_ERR_NO_VIDS   12 /* AVI file contains no video data */

Definition at line 220 of file avilib.h.

7     /* Operation not permitted:
                                      trying to read from a file open
                                      for writing or vice versa */

Definition at line 210 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_ERR_OPEN
2     /* Error opening the AVI file - wrong path
                                      name or file nor readable/writable */

Definition at line 200 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_ERR_READ   3 /* Error reading from AVI File */

Definition at line 202 of file avilib.h.

1     /* The write of the data would exceed
                                      the maximum size of the AVI file.
                                      This is more a warning than an error
                                      since the file may be closed safely */

Definition at line 198 of file avilib.h.

4     /* Error writing to AVI File,
                                      disk full ??? */

Definition at line 204 of file avilib.h.

5     /* Could not write index to AVI file
                                      during close, file may still be
                                      usable */

Definition at line 206 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_MAX_TRACKS   8

Definition at line 59 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_MODE_READ   1

Definition at line 194 of file avilib.h.

#define AVI_MODE_WRITE   0

Definition at line 193 of file avilib.h.

#define AVILIB_H

Definition at line 57 of file avilib.h.

#define IBM_FORMAT_ADPCM   (0x0103)

Definition at line 242 of file avilib.h.

#define IBM_FORMAT_ALAW   (0x0102)

Definition at line 241 of file avilib.h.

#define IBM_FORMAT_MULAW   (0x0101)

Definition at line 240 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_ADPCM   (0x0002)

Definition at line 229 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_ALAW   (0x0006)

Definition at line 231 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_DIGIFIX   (0x0016)

Definition at line 236 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_DIGISTD   (0x0015)

Definition at line 235 of file avilib.h.


Definition at line 238 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_DVI_ADPCM   (0x0011)

Definition at line 234 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_GSM610   (0x0031)

Definition at line 239 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_IBM_CVSD   (0x0005)

Definition at line 230 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_MULAW   (0x0007)

Definition at line 232 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_OKI_ADPCM   (0x0010)

Definition at line 233 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_PCM   (0x0001)

Definition at line 228 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_UNKNOWN   (0x0000)

Definition at line 227 of file avilib.h.

#define WAVE_FORMAT_YAMAHA_ADPCM   (0x0020)

Definition at line 237 of file avilib.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct track_s track_t

Function Documentation

int AVI_append_audio ( avi_t AVI,
char *  data,
long  bytes 
int AVI_audio_bits ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_audio_bytes ( avi_t AVI)
int AVI_audio_channels ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_audio_chunks ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_audio_codecf_offset ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_audio_codech_offset ( avi_t AVI)
int AVI_audio_format ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_audio_mp3rate ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_audio_rate ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_audio_size ( avi_t AVI,
long  frame 
int AVI_audio_tracks ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_bytes_remain ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_bytes_written ( avi_t AVI)
int AVI_close ( avi_t AVI)
char* AVI_codec2str ( short  cc)
int AVI_dump ( char *  name,
int  mode 
int AVI_dup_frame ( avi_t AVI)
int AVI_file_check ( char *  import_file)
double AVI_frame_rate ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_frame_size ( avi_t AVI,
long  frame 
int AVI_get_audio_track ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_get_video_position ( avi_t AVI,
long  frame 
void AVI_info ( avi_t avifile)
uint64_t AVI_max_size ( void  )
long AVI_max_video_chunk ( avi_t AVI)
avi_t* AVI_open_fd ( int  fd,
int  getIndex 
avi_t* AVI_open_input_file ( const char *  filename,
int  getIndex 
avi_t* AVI_open_output_file ( char *  filename)
int avi_parse_input_file ( avi_t AVI,
int  getIndex 
void AVI_print_error ( char *  str)
long AVI_read_audio ( avi_t AVI,
char *  audbuf,
long  bytes 
long AVI_read_audio_chunk ( avi_t AVI,
char *  audbuf 
int AVI_read_data ( avi_t AVI,
char *  vidbuf,
long  max_vidbuf,
char *  audbuf,
long  max_audbuf,
long *  len 
long AVI_read_frame ( avi_t AVI,
char *  vidbuf,
int *  keyframe 
int AVI_scan ( char *  name)
int AVI_seek_start ( avi_t AVI)
void AVI_set_audio ( avi_t AVI,
int  channels,
long  rate,
int  bits,
int  format,
long  mp3rate 
int AVI_set_audio_bitrate ( avi_t AVI,
long  bitrate 
int AVI_set_audio_position ( avi_t AVI,
long  byte 
int AVI_set_audio_track ( avi_t AVI,
int  track 
void AVI_set_video ( avi_t AVI,
int  width,
int  height,
double  fps,
char *  compressor 
int AVI_set_video_position ( avi_t AVI,
long  frame 
char* AVI_strerror ( void  )
char* AVI_syserror ( void  )
int avi_update_header ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_video_codecf_offset ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_video_codech_offset ( avi_t AVI)
char* AVI_video_compressor ( avi_t AVI)
long AVI_video_frames ( avi_t AVI)
int AVI_video_height ( avi_t AVI)
int AVI_video_width ( avi_t AVI)
int AVI_write_audio ( avi_t AVI,
char *  data,
long  bytes 
int AVI_write_frame ( avi_t AVI,
char *  data,
long  bytes,
int  keyframe 

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