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calib_camera.h File Reference
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struct  patt


#define H_NUM   6
#define LOOP_MAX   20
#define THRESH   200
#define V_NUM   4


typedef struct patt CALIB_PATT_T


void calc_distortion (CALIB_PATT_T *patt, int xsize, int ysize, ARFloat dist_factor[3])
int calc_inp (CALIB_PATT_T *patt, ARFloat dist_factor[4], int xsize, int ysize, ARFloat mat[3][4])

Define Documentation

#define H_NUM   6

Definition at line 4 of file calib_camera.h.

#define LOOP_MAX   20

Definition at line 6 of file calib_camera.h.

#define THRESH   200

Definition at line 7 of file calib_camera.h.

#define V_NUM   4

Definition at line 5 of file calib_camera.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct patt CALIB_PATT_T

Function Documentation

void calc_distortion ( CALIB_PATT_T patt,
int  xsize,
int  ysize,
ARFloat  dist_factor[3] 
int calc_inp ( CALIB_PATT_T patt,
ARFloat  dist_factor[4],
int  xsize,
int  ysize,
ARFloat  mat[3][4] 

Definition at line 18 of file calib_inp.cpp.

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