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BCH.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <vector>
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class  ARToolKitPlus::BCH


namespace  ARToolKitPlus

This file should only be compiled when using ARToolKitPlus as a DLL.


#define BCH_DEFAULT_K   12
#define BCH_DEFAULT_M   6
#define BCH_DEFAULT_T   4
#define BCH_MAX_LUT   64
#define BCH_MAX_M   6
#define BCH_MAX_P   7
#define BCH_MAX_SQ   8


typedef unsigned long long ARToolKitPlus::_64bits


static bool ARToolKitPlus::_isBitSet (_64bits bn, int which_bit)
static void ARToolKitPlus::_setBit (_64bits &bn, int which_bit)
static _64bits ARToolKitPlus::fromBitPattern (int b[], int n_bits)
static int * ARToolKitPlus::toBitPattern (int b[], _64bits n, int n_bits)

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#define BCH_DEFAULT_K   12

Definition at line 58 of file BCH.h.


Definition at line 56 of file BCH.h.

#define BCH_DEFAULT_M   6

Definition at line 55 of file BCH.h.

#define BCH_DEFAULT_T   4

Definition at line 57 of file BCH.h.

#define BCH_MAX_LUT   64

Definition at line 62 of file BCH.h.

#define BCH_MAX_M   6

Definition at line 60 of file BCH.h.

#define BCH_MAX_P   7

Definition at line 61 of file BCH.h.

#define BCH_MAX_SQ   8

Definition at line 63 of file BCH.h.

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