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ublox Namespace Reference


class  Message
struct  Options
class  Reader
struct  Serializer
class  Writer


static void calculateChecksum (const uint8_t *data, uint32_t size, uint8_t &ck_a, uint8_t &ck_b)
static uint16_t calculateChecksum (const uint8_t *data, uint32_t size, uint16_t &checksum)


static const uint8_t DEFAULT_SYNC_A = 0xB5
static const uint8_t DEFAULT_SYNC_B = 0x62

Function Documentation

static void ublox::calculateChecksum ( const uint8_t *  data,
uint32_t  size,
uint8_t &  ck_a,
uint8_t &  ck_b 
) [inline, static]

Definition at line 36 of file checksum.h.

static uint16_t ublox::calculateChecksum ( const uint8_t *  data,
uint32_t  size,
uint16_t &  checksum 
) [inline, static]

Definition at line 45 of file checksum.h.

Variable Documentation

const uint8_t ublox::DEFAULT_SYNC_A = 0xB5 [static]

Definition at line 41 of file serialization.h.

const uint8_t ublox::DEFAULT_SYNC_B = 0x62 [static]

Definition at line 42 of file serialization.h.

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