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SickException.hh File Reference

Contains some simple exception classes. More...

#include <string>
#include <exception>
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class  SickToolbox::SickBadChecksumException
 Thrown when a received message has an invalid checksum. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickConfigException
 Thrown when the driver detects (or the Sick reports) an invalid config. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickErrorException
 Thrown when Sick returns an error code or an unexpected response. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickException
 Provides a base exception class from which to derive other Sick exceptions. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickIOException
 Thrown instance where the driver can't read,write,drain,flush,... the buffers. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickThreadException
 Thrown when error occurs during thread initialization, and uninitialization. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickTimeoutException
 Makes handling timeouts much easier. More...


namespace  SickToolbox

Encapsulates the Sick LIDAR Matlab/C++ toolbox.

Detailed Description

Contains some simple exception classes.

Code by Jason C. Derenick and Thomas H. Miller. Contact derenick(at)lehigh(dot)edu

The Sick LIDAR Matlab/C++ Toolbox Copyright (c) 2008, Jason C. Derenick and Thomas H. Miller All rights reserved.

This software is released under a BSD Open-Source License. See

Definition in file SickException.hh.

Author(s): Jason Derenick , Thomas Miller
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