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#include <netinet/in.h>
#include "s3000_laser/sicks3000.h"
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#define ACK   0xA0
#define CRC16_GEN_POL   0x8005
#define DEFAULT_RX_BUFFER_SIZE   500*1024/8
#define NACK   0x92
#define STX   0x02


double DTOR (double val)
 Converts degrees to radians.


static const unsigned short crc_table [256]

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#define ACK   0xA0

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#define CRC16_GEN_POL   0x8005

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#define DEFAULT_RX_BUFFER_SIZE   500*1024/8

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#define NACK   0x92

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#define STX   0x02

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double DTOR ( double  val)

Converts degrees to radians.

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const unsigned short crc_table[256] [static]

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