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RTT::scripting::PropertyParser Class Reference

#include <PropertyParser.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

PropertyBagbag () const
rule_t & locator ()
base::PropertyBaseproperty () const
 PropertyParser (CommonParser &cp)
void reset ()
void setPropertyBag (PropertyBag *pb)

Private Types

enum  PropertyErrors { bag_not_found }

Private Member Functions

error_status handle_no_property (scanner_t const &scan, parser_error< PropertyErrors, iter_t > &e)
void locateproperty (iter_t begin, iter_t end)

Private Attributes

< iter_t >::type 
guard< PropertyErrorsmy_guard
rule_t propertylocator

Detailed Description

Get the property and bag from an invocation path like bag.subbag.prop .

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error_status RTT::PropertyParser::handle_no_property ( scanner_t const &  scan,
parser_error< PropertyErrors, iter_t > &  e 
) [private]

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void RTT::PropertyParser::locateproperty ( iter_t  begin,
iter_t  end 
) [private]

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The locator tries to go as far as possible in the bag-to-property path and will never throw. property() will contain the last valid property found. If zero, nothing was found. If non-zero bag() returns the bag type if property is a bag, or zero if property() is not a bag. Thus property() contains the 'name' of the deepest nested bag() found.

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After reset, property() == 0 and bag == 0.

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Change the bag we want to traverse.

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Member Data Documentation

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boost::iterator_difference<iter_t>::type RTT::scripting::PropertyParser::advance_on_error [private]

set by locateproperty, read by handle_no_property

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