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RTT::internal::SignalBase Class Reference

#include <SignalBase.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef ConnectionBase::shared_ptr connection_t
typedef ListLockFree
< connection_t

Public Member Functions

virtual int arity () const =0
void destroy ()
void disconnect ()
void reserve (size_t conns)
virtual ~SignalBase ()

Protected Member Functions

void conn_connect (connection_t conn)
void conn_destroy (connection_t conn)
void conn_disconnect (connection_t conn)
void conn_setup (connection_t conn)
 SignalBase ()

Protected Attributes

bool emitting
connections_list mconnections

Private Member Functions

const SignalBaseoperator= (const SignalBase &)
 SignalBase (const SignalBase &)


class ConnectionBase

Detailed Description

The base signal class which stores connection objects. It implements real-time management of connections, such that connection/disconnetion of a handler is always thread-safe and real-time.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Deletes this Signal and will destroy all connections and handles of this object. It is not necessary to call disconnect() or disconnect() prior to destroying a SignalBase.

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Member Function Documentation

virtual int RTT::internal::SignalBase::arity ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the arity (the number of arguments) of this signal.

Implemented in RTT::internal::OROCOS_SIGNAL_N< R, SlotFunctionT >.

Definition at line 103 of file SignalBase.cpp.

Definition at line 130 of file SignalBase.cpp.

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Definition at line 88 of file SignalBase.cpp.

Destroys all connections. This will destroy all connections of this Event. All Handles will be disconnected and unable to reconnect.

Definition at line 252 of file SignalBase.cpp.

Disconnects all connections. All Handles will be disconnected, but able to reconnect.

Definition at line 241 of file SignalBase.cpp.

const SignalBase& RTT::internal::SignalBase::operator= ( const SignalBase ) [private]
void RTT::internal::SignalBase::reserve ( size_t  conns)

Reserves memory for a number of connections. Use this method to efficiently reserve memory for possible connections. If not used, the event will reserve memory in batch, depending upon demand. This does not impair/influence real-time performance, only memory efficiency.

connsThe number of connections to reserve memory for.

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ConnectionBase [friend]

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Member Data Documentation

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