rosjava_build_tools::utils Namespace Reference


def author_name
def camel_case
def distro_version
def mkdir_p
def read_template_file
 Borrowed from catkin_pkg.package_templates.
def validate_path
def which

Function Documentation

Utility to compute logged in user name

:returns: name of current user, ``str``

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  This code is pulled from rosversion, which unfortunately has it buried inside
  the script, not in the python module.

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  Enables mkdir -p functionality (until python 3.2 is able to use
  the mode argument to do the same).

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def rosjava_build_tools.utils.read_template_file (   template_directory,

Borrowed from catkin_pkg.package_templates.

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  Validates that there isn't a gradle project in the specified path.
  We use this when creating an android repo/package.

  @param path : path where you wish to create the repository/package.
  @type str
  @raise RuntimeError
  @return path : validated (exists) absolute pathname

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  Looks for program in the environment.

  @param program : string name of the program (e.g. 'ls')
  @type str
  @return absolute pathname of the program or None
  @rtype str or None

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