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rocon_semantic_version::base Namespace Reference


class  Spec
class  SpecItem
class  Version


def _has_leading_zero
def _to_int
def compare
def identifier_cmp
def identifier_list_cmp
def match
def validate

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def rocon_semantic_version.base._to_int (   value) [private]

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def (   v1,

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Compare two identifier (for pre-release/build components).

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Compare two identifier list (pre-release/build components).

The rule is:
    - Identifiers are paired between lists
    - They are compared from left to right
    - If all first identifiers match, the longest list is greater.

>>> identifier_list_cmp(['1', '2'], ['1', '2'])
>>> identifier_list_cmp(['1', '2a'], ['1', '2b'])
>>> identifier_list_cmp(['1'], ['1', '2'])

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def rocon_semantic_version.base.match (   spec,

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def rocon_semantic_version.base.validate (   version_string)
Validates a version string againt the SemVer specification.

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