rocon_python_utils::ros::resources Namespace Reference


def _get_package_index
def find_resource
def find_resource_from_string
def resource_index_from_package_exports

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def rocon_python_utils.ros.resources._get_package_index (   package_paths) [private]

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def rocon_python_utils.ros.resources.find_resource (   package,
  rospack = None 
  Convenience wrapper around roslib to find a resource (file) inside
  a package. It checks the output, and provides the appropriate
  error if there is one.

  @param package : ros package
  @param filename : some file inside the specified package
  @return str : absolute path to the file

  @raise rospkg.ResourceNotFound : raised if there is nothing found or multiple objects found.

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def rocon_python_utils.ros.resources.find_resource_from_string (   resource,
  rospack = None,
  extension = None 


  Convenience wrapper around roslib to find a resource (file) inside
  a package. This function passes off the work to find_resource
  once the input string is split.

  @param package : ros package
  @param resource : string resource identifier of the form package/filename

  @param extension : file name extension to look for/expect
  @type string

  @return full pathname to the resource
  @rtype str

  @raise rospkg.ResourceNotFound : raised if the resource is not found or has an inappropriate extension.

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def rocon_python_utils.ros.resources.resource_index_from_package_exports (   export_tag,
  package_paths = None,
  package_whitelist = None,
  package_blacklist = [] 
  Scans the package path looking for exports and grab the ones we are interested in.

  @param export_tag : export tagname
  @type str

  @return the dictionary of resource and its absolute path
  @type { resource_name : os.path }

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