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rocon_python_redis.client.Lock Class Reference

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def __enter__
def __exit__
def __init__
def acquire
def release

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tuple LOCK_FOREVER = float(2 ** 31 + 1)

Detailed Description

A shared, distributed Lock. Using Redis for locking allows the Lock
to be shared across processes and/or machines.

It's left to the user to resolve deadlock issues and make sure
multiple clients play nicely together.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rocon_python_redis.client.Lock.__init__ (   self,
  timeout = None,
  sleep = 0.1 
Create a new Lock instnace named ``name`` using the Redis client
supplied by ``redis``.

``timeout`` indicates a maximum life for the lock.
By default, it will remain locked until release() is called.

``sleep`` indicates the amount of time to sleep per loop iteration
when the lock is in blocking mode and another client is currently
holding the lock.

Note: If using ``timeout``, you should make sure all the hosts
that are running clients have their time synchronized with a network
time service like ntp.

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Member Function Documentation

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def rocon_python_redis.client.Lock.__exit__ (   self,

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def rocon_python_redis.client.Lock.acquire (   self,
  blocking = True 
Use Redis to hold a shared, distributed lock named ``name``.
Returns True once the lock is acquired.

If ``blocking`` is False, always return immediately. If the lock
was acquired, return True, otherwise return False.

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Member Data Documentation

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tuple rocon_python_redis::client.Lock::LOCK_FOREVER = float(2 ** 31 + 1) [static]

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