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rocon_console::console Namespace Reference


def console_has_colours
def debug
def error
def logdebug
def logerror
def logfatal
def loginfo
def logwarn
def pretty_print
def pretty_println
def warning


string bold = "\x1b[%sm"
list colours
tuple has_colours = console_has_colours(sys.stdout)
string reset = "\x1b[0m"

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def rocon_console.console.logdebug (   message)

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def rocon_console.console.logerror (   message)

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def rocon_console.console.logfatal (   message)

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def rocon_console.console.loginfo (   message)

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def rocon_console.console.logwarn (   message)

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def rocon_console.console.pretty_print (   msg,
  colour = white 

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def rocon_console.console.pretty_println (   msg,
  colour = white 

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Variable Documentation

string rocon_console::console::bold = "\x1b[%sm"

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Initial value:
00001 [
00002            bold,
00003            black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white,
00004            bold_black, bold_red, bold_green, bold_yellow, bold_blue, bold_magenta, bold_cyan, bold_white
00005           ]

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string rocon_console::console::reset = "\x1b[0m"

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