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class  TestNominalParser
 Parses launch, tests.xml and configs.xml files in qualification. More...


string PKG = 'pr2_computer_monitor'
tuple suite = unittest.TestSuite()
string TEXT_HIGH_TEMP_PATH = 'test/sample_output/nvidia_smi_high_temp.txt'
string TEXT_PATH = 'test/sample_output/nvidia_smi_out.txt'

Variable Documentation

string parse_test::PKG = 'pr2_computer_monitor'

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tuple parse_test::suite = unittest.TestSuite()

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string parse_test::TEXT_HIGH_TEMP_PATH = 'test/sample_output/nvidia_smi_high_temp.txt'

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string parse_test::TEXT_PATH = 'test/sample_output/nvidia_smi_out.txt'

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