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integral_image2D.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <pcl/features/impl/integral_image2D.hpp>
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class  pcl::IntegralImage2D< DataType, Dimension >
 Determines an integral image representation for a given organized data array. More...
class  pcl::IntegralImage2D< DataType, 1 >
 partial template specialization for integral images with just one channel. More...
struct  pcl::IntegralImageTypeTraits< DataType >
struct  pcl::IntegralImageTypeTraits< char >
struct  pcl::IntegralImageTypeTraits< float >
struct  pcl::IntegralImageTypeTraits< int >
struct  pcl::IntegralImageTypeTraits< short >
struct  pcl::IntegralImageTypeTraits< unsigned char >
struct  pcl::IntegralImageTypeTraits< unsigned int >
struct  pcl::IntegralImageTypeTraits< unsigned short >


namespace  pcl

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