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OS.h File Reference
#include <windows.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <process.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <winbase.h>
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class  coil::GetOpt
 GetOpt class. More...
struct  coil::utsname


namespace  coil

Common Object Interface Layer.


#define _WIN32_WINNT   0x0500
#define BADARG   (int)':'
#define BADCH   (int)'?'
#define EMSG   ""
#define WINVER   0x0500


char * coil::getenv (const char *name)
 Get environment variable.
static int coil::getopt (int nargc, char *const *nargv, const char *ostr)
 Function of parses the command line arguments.
pid_t coil::getpid ()
pid_t coil::getppid ()
 Get process ID of the parent process.
int coil::uname (utsname *name)
 Get System information.


char * optarg
static char * coil::optarg
static int coil::opterr = 1
static int coil::optind = 1
static int coil::optopt
static int coil::optreset

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#define _WIN32_WINNT   0x0500

Definition at line 31 of file win32/coil/OS.h.

#define BADARG   (int)':'

Definition at line 236 of file win32/coil/OS.h.

#define BADCH   (int)'?'

Definition at line 235 of file win32/coil/OS.h.


Definition at line 48 of file win32/coil/OS.h.

#define EMSG   ""

Definition at line 237 of file win32/coil/OS.h.

#define WINVER   0x0500

Definition at line 26 of file win32/coil/OS.h.

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char* optarg

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