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private implementation


struct  Nabo::BruteForceSearch< T, CloudType >
 Brute-force nearest neighbour. More...
struct  Nabo::KDTreeUnbalancedPtInLeavesImplicitBoundsStackOpt< T, Heap, CloudType >
 KDTree, unbalanced, points in leaves, stack, implicit bounds, ANN_KD_SL_MIDPT, optimised implementation. More...


file  brute_force_cpu.cpp

brute force search, cpu implementation

file  index_heap.h

implementation of index heaps

file  nabo_private.h

header for implementation


template<typename T , typename A , typename B >
Nabo::dist2 (const A &v0, const B &v1)
 Euclidean distance.

Function Documentation

template<typename T , typename A , typename B >
T Nabo::dist2 ( const A &  v0,
const B &  v1 
) [inline]

Euclidean distance.

Definition at line 69 of file nabo_private.h.

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