kobuki_keyop Documentation


Keyboard teleoperation for Kobuki: relays commands from a keyboard to Kobuki.


Provides a keyboard teleoperation control to kobukibot. Just enables a simple increase velocity mechanism both linearly and angularly as well as power off and power on functions.

Published Topics

Sends command velocities to the mobile base interface.

Send power-off and power-on commands to the robot core.


Use a launcher to fire up the keyop command as this will allow you to map the above topics to the appropriate namespace. e.g. there is a launcher in kobuki_keyop/resources/launch/robot_core.launch for ycs' robot core:

    <node pkg="kobuki_keyop" type="keyop" name="kobuki_keyop">
        <remap from="kobuki_keyop/enable" to="/robot_core/enable"/>
        <remap from="kobuki_keyop/disable" to="/robot_core/disable"/>
        <remap from="kobuki_keyop/vel_cmd" to="/robot_core/cmd_vel"/>

You may wish to change the remappings to suit the currently running robot. You can initiate with

roslaunch kobuki_keyop robot_core.launch

and use the arrow keys to navigation, with 'e', 'd' to enable or disable the motors and 'q' to quit.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
autogenerated on Wed Sep 16 2015 04:35:33