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sample_boundingbox_occlusion_rejector Namespace Reference


def callback
def candidatePoseCallback


 candidate_pose = None
tuple pub_candidate = rospy.Publisher("~output/candidate_boxes", BoundingBoxArray)
tuple pub_target = rospy.Publisher("~output/target_boxes", BoundingBoxArray)
tuple sub = rospy.Subscriber("~input", CameraInfo, callback)
tuple sub2 = rospy.Subscriber("~input/candidate_pose", PoseStamped, candidatePoseCallback)

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tuple sample_boundingbox_occlusion_rejector::pub_candidate = rospy.Publisher("~output/candidate_boxes", BoundingBoxArray)

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tuple sample_boundingbox_occlusion_rejector::pub_target = rospy.Publisher("~output/target_boxes", BoundingBoxArray)

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tuple sample_boundingbox_occlusion_rejector::sub = rospy.Subscriber("~input", CameraInfo, callback)

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tuple sample_boundingbox_occlusion_rejector::sub2 = rospy.Subscriber("~input/candidate_pose", PoseStamped, candidatePoseCallback)

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