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ceres_costs_utils_test.hpp File Reference
#include "ceres/ceres.h"
#include "ceres/rotation.h"
#include <industrial_extrinsic_cal/basic_types.h>
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namespace  industrial_extrinsic_cal


void industrial_extrinsic_cal::printAAasEuler (double ax, double ay, double az)
 print angle axis as euler angles
void industrial_extrinsic_cal::printAATasH (double ax, double ay, double az, double tx, double ty, double tz)
 print an angle axis transform as a homogeneous transform
void industrial_extrinsic_cal::printAATasHI (double ax, double ay, double az, double tx, double ty, double tz)
 print angle axis to homogeneous transform inverse
void industrial_extrinsic_cal::printCameraParameters (CameraParameters C, std::string words)
 print Camera Parameters
void industrial_extrinsic_cal::printQTasH (double qx, double qy, double qz, double qw, double tx, double ty, double tz)
 print a quaternion plus position as a homogeneous transform
Observation industrial_extrinsic_cal::projectPointNoDistortion (CameraParameters camera_params, Point3d point_to_project)
Observation industrial_extrinsic_cal::projectPointWithDistortion (CameraParameters camera_parameters, Point3d point)
 computes image of point in cameras image plane

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